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Pellinor Fans
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This is a community for fans of the pellinor series, created by Alison Croggon, to share their thoughts and veiws on the books. Fans can also share fanfiction and graphics and links, about the Pellinor Series.

The Gift (The Naming) was released in 2002, followed by The Riddle in 2004. Then The Crow was released in 2006. And the most recent, and last in the series, The Singing which was released in 2008.

(These summeries are from the back of the books.)

The Gift (The Naming):
Maerad is a slave in a desperate and unforgiving settlement, taken there as a child when her family is destroyed in war. She doesn't yet know she has inherited a powerful gift, one that marks her as a member of the noble School of Pellinor and enables her to see the world as no other can. It is only when she is discovered by Cadvan, one of the great Bards of Lirigon, that her true identity and extraordinary destiny unfold. Now, she and her mysterious teacher must embark on a treacherous, uncertain journey through a time and place where the forces of darkness wield an otherworldly terror. The first book in a projected quartet, Alison Croggon's epic about Maerad and her remarkable yet dangerous gift is a beautiful, unforgettable tale. Presented as a new translation of an ancient text, "The Naming evokes the rich and complex landscape of Annar, a legendary world just waiting to be discovered.

The Riddle:
Maerad is a girl with a tragic and bitter past, but her powers grow stronger by the day. Now she and her mentor, Cadvan, pursued by both the Light and the Dark, are seeking the Riddle of the Treesong - the key to restoring peace to the ravaged kingdom.But is Maerad herself the greatest riddle of all?Alison Croggon's epic fantasy continues, as Macrad travels from terrifying seas to vast stretches of glacial wilderness; drawn ever closer to her enemy the Winterking, towards the author of her sorrows and the strongest ally of the Nameless One - the greatest tyrant of them all.Drawn from the rich and complex cultures of Edil-Amarandh, The Riddle is the thrilling sequel to the highly acclaimed The Gift.

The Crow:
Hem is a weary orphan whose struggle for survival ends when he is reunited with his lost sister, Maerad. But Maerad has a destiny to fulfill, and Hem is sent to the golden city of Turbansk, where he learns the ways of the Bards and befriends a mysterious white crow. When the forces of the Dark threaten, Hem flees with his protector, Saliman, and an orphan girl named Zelika to join the Light's resistance forces. It is there that Hem has a vision and learns that he, too, has a part to play in Maerad's quest to solve the Riddle of the Treesong. As THE CROW continues the epic tale begun with THE NAMING and THE RIDDLE, Alison Croggon creates a world of astounding beauty overshadowed by a terrifying darkness, a world where Maerad and Hem must prepare to wage their final battle for the Light.

The Singing:
This book presents a stunning conclusion to the epic "Pellinor" series - four books telling an extraordinary tale of another world. "The Singing" follows the separate journeys of Maerad and Cadvan, and their brother Hem, as they desperately seek each other in an increasingly battle-torn land. The Black Army is moving north and Maerad has a mighty confrontation with the Landrost to save Innail. All the Seven Kingdoms are being threatened with defeat. Yet Maerad and Hem hold the key to the mysterious Singing and only in releasing the music of the Elidhu together may the Nameless One be defeated. Can brother and sister find each other in time to fight the Nameless One, and are they strong enough to defeat him?

About the author.
Born in the Transvaal, South Africa, Alison Croggon's family moved to England before settling in Australia, first in Ballarat then Melbourne. She has worked as a journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald. Her first volume of poetry, This is the Stone, won the Anne Elder Award and the Mary Gilmore Prize. Her novella Navigatio was recommended in the 1995 The Australian/Vogel Literary Award and three novels of the fantasy genre series Pellinor have been published with a fourth scheduled for 2008. She also edits the online writing magazine Masthead and writes theatre criticism.

Croggon has also written libretti for Michael Smetanin's operas Gauguin and The Burrow which premiered respectively at the 2000, Melbourne Festival and Perth Festival, produced by ChamberMade. Other poems by her have been set to music by Smetanin, Christine McCombe, Margaret Legge-Wilkinson and Andreé Greenwell. Her plays have been produced by the Melbourne Festival, The Red Shed Company (Adelaide) and ABC Radio.

(All of the above was taken from Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pellinor)

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